Chris Northwood

Professional Software Developer

Hello! This is the website and portfolio of Chris Northwood (I'm sometimes found online using the handle laser or a variation and I hold the radio callsigns M3NTW and 2E0NTW).

I'm currently a Technologist working for BBC Research & Development.

I use Twitter quite a lot, and I occasionally blog at Medium. You can also get in touch with me using the details below.

What I believe


  • I believe in Continuous Delivery
  • I believe in Agile projects and Kanban
  • I'm a polyglot programmer, who believes in using the best tool for the job


  • I work in integrated, cross-functional teams: swarming on problems, rather than siloed roles and responsibilities
  • I believe in Behaviour-Driven Development as a communication tool
  • I believe in effective code reviews


  • I build accessibility and security in from the start
  • I use Test-Driven Development and Continuous Integration
  • I believe in working at a sustainable pace

What I know

MSc Computer Science with Speech & Language Processing (University of Sheffield)

Final result: Performance with Distinction

Awarded the Fretwell-Downing prize for performance in thesis: Temporal Expression Recognition and Normalisation in Python.

BEng Computer Science (University of York)

Final result: Second class honours, first division

What I've done

The Trial Platform

Cook-Along Kitchen Experience

Paradigm Shift

BBC Taster

Manchester Tech Nights


BBC iWonder

BBC Bitesize

Connected Red Button

Games Grid

Mobile Oxford


Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux